Web Design and Development

Web design is far from a facelift to make your website look more attractive – it is a thorough reconstruction process that can make or break your brand’s online presence. With a purposeful design, your website can guarantee great user experience and generate an outstanding ROI for your business.

SEO-Powered Web Design

We combine advanced SEO with top-level web design to give you a tailor-made website that will hook your target customers and turbo charge conversion. Our web development team implements the design and once we get your approval, we run final tests and your new site goes live.

What We Can Offer to Your Business

Hardball Design

By raising the bar for the competition, we create a custom web design to serve a number of purposes that will directly benefit your business ROI and sales.

Consistent Traffic Flow

We can make sure you have a steady flow of traffic coming from different platforms and devices by giving you a responsive, mobile-optimized website.

Conversion Turbo Charge

Focusing on leads is our bottom line and it’s what drives all our web design choices and strategies.

How Do We Go About It?

We keep our eyes on the ball. Once we have a clear goal in sight, we set our course straight. That’s why we find it essential to identify your goals, what it is you want to achieve with the new web design. A design that simply won’t let the users hit the back button? A more user-friendly platform? Integration of e-commerce options?

The Question

It all revolves around a seemingly dumb question – What will be the purpose of your website relative to your business?

You have to focus on functionality rather than just aesthetics, or you risk wasting your money on a cookie-cutter design that will go out of vogue before it even starts paying off. In the meantime, your competition will outdo you and ride off into the sunset with your leads, your sales and the Maserati that could have been yours.

Where Do You Start?

Check out the businesses in your industry, see what’s working for them and think about how you can add more value to your customers. Your potential customers already need your services, and it’s your job to show them why you are ahead of the pack.

With the purpose clear in sight, it’s time to put the game plan to action.

Responsive Web Design

A good web design helps users to navigate their way around your website easily. A brilliant web design directs the users towards hitting the right buttons. Whether a user is interacting with your website on a desktop, laptop or mobile, our web design will accommodate the changed image sizes, resolution and scripting properties and your site will ‘’respond’’ accordingly.

Mobile Optimization and Deployment

The introduction of smart phones and tablets has changed web design for good. Statistics shows that mobile commerce has increased by 40% since 2013 and is expected to grow 300 times until 2019! The bottom line is, it’s not a question of whether you should have a mobile-friendly website – the question is how soon you can set it up.

WordPress/Drupal Integration

These content management systems make it easy for you to update your web content because they are easy to use. WordPress is still used more, especially for blog content management. With its native app used for smooth content management on mobile, WordPress has another advantage over Drupal. We can integrate Drupal or WordPress into the web design, even set them up to co-exist – all depending on what would be more effective for your website.

HTML/PHP Integration

We can set up the basic ‘’Add to Cart’’ button or add multi-item buttons and/or recurring payment buttons to help you manage payments. Our web development team can integrate these dynamic elements into your site and set them up and running without a hitch.

Domain Name Hosting/ Registration

Part of our regular web development service includes managing your domain name hosting and/or registration. We can select the best hosting based on your hosting needs, host reliability, upgrade options, uptime guarantees and the allowed number of add-on domains.

Site Maintenance

We can include regular site maintenance as part of our service to troubleshoot any possible issues instantly and ensure your website’s smooth operation.

Inbound Lead Tracking

By focusing heavily on our bottom line – leads – we find that inbound lead tracking setup determines a great deal of our web design. For example, we can decide against a hosting platform in favor of the one which can simplify the analytics tracking code installation. Needless to say, setting up tracking analytics for mobile apps is a must.