Google Adwords

Google AdWords are the staple part of pay-per-click marketing. Many businesses already have Google AdWords campaigns set up and running and chances are you are among them. However, what you probably don’t realize is that you are spending a lot of money on an overpriced service that is not even bringing leads!

Your situation is not uncommon, though. Compare the most common approaches to AdWords account management with the way we do it.

Common AdWords Issues

Previous AdWords Campaigns Didn’t Bring a Positive ROI

A great number of businesses try to run an AdWords campaign themselves or hire a company that let an automated software do all the work. In either case, the customer is unlikely to see any ROI from the campaign.

Although AdWords maximize your ‘’clicks’’ and thus produce huge profits for the search engine, it minimizes conversions on the customer’s end. At SEO 1 Click, you make sure your AdWords account is set up manually in order to maximize traffic that will generate leads and boost sales for your business, all at a reasonable ROI.

My Google Ads Show Up For Unrelated Services

This is a huge and very common issue with most AdWords accounts. Businesses are spending tons of money on AdWords that end up showing up for services that have nothing to do with their business. What’s more, many businesses show up in cities where they don’t even offer their services. With SEO 1 Click managing your account, you won’t have this type of issues.

My Cost-Per-Click is Huge!

Due to the rise in CPC costs, it’s crucial to direct your marketing efforts to setting up a cost-effective AdWords campaign. When we set up your campaign, we ensure you are not bidding only on the top dollar keywords, but on well researched keywords that will bring you leads.

I Already Have a Company Managing My Account

This is no problem – we will do an audit of your account free of charge to check if everything is running up to standards. All it usually takes to pinpoint any problems is a quick look inside your AdWords account. Give us a call today at (213) 477-7385 or fill out our online contact form for more info.

How We Do AdWords Account Review

We Inspect Your Account Structure: Are all ad and keyword groups and account settings optimized for relevancy and Quality Score?

We Revise Your Bidding Strategy: Are you using the keyword match types and bidding properly?

We Review Your Targeting Methods: Are you informed about different targeting solutions and is your current strategy set up for optimal results?

We Analyze Your Ads’ Exposure and Visibility: Do your ads have enough exposure for most profitable target keywords?

We Assess Your Budget: Are you competing with other business in your industry with a sufficient advertising budget?

How We Can Boost Your AdWords Account

Extensive Research

We start every campaign with a thorough business needs assessment and devise a strategy that will single your business out from the competition.

To be able to do that, we carry out a detailed analysis of your competitors’ campaigns. We figure out what’s working for them and what they are doing wrong, so we can build up on that knowledge.

Finally, we set up realistic goals in close collaboration with you. In that way, you have direct insight into what statistics to pay attention to when measuring ROI.

Account Building and Configuration

With goals all defined, we start work on your keyword list. Drawing on the information we obtain from research and consumer feedback, we set up meaningful ad and keyword groups.

Since we build the account to fit your needs, we add custom settings and come up with well-researched Ad Copies and tweak them to appeal to your target customers.

Lead Tracking and Remarketing

We heavily focus on leads and therefore track visitor activity and measure the conversion rate. Ultimately, we wish to be able to identify the exact keywords someone searched before they clicked on your ad. With such a powerful insight, we would be able to design your AdWords strategy to maximum efficiency. To that end, we link your AdWords account to your Google Analytics account.

We also give you the opportunity to customize your future campaigns and do an effective email outreach by creating remarketing lists.

We Keep You in the Loop

We make it a priority that you are regularly updated about what’s happening on your AdWords account. We set up a fixed reporting dynamics and answer all additional questions you might have regarding our reports.