Lead Tracking

At SEO 1 Click, our main objective is to create leads for our clients. Our SEO efforts are aimed at traffic which converts into leads and sales. To achieve that, we draw on data from analytics. We don’t stop at simply setting up your analytics. We help you interpret the data properly so that you can see for yourself what converts and what doesn’t.

We focus on metrics which clearly show you where to invest your marketing dollars in order to boost conversion rate and acquire more customers.

Identify and track keywords that drive conversion

Most internet marketers focus on keywords which have a big search volume and they assume that a boost in rankings will naturally bring more leads. We target keywords that drive conversion because we know that both traffic and rankings are just a means to an end.

Efficient lead tracking points you directly to the conversion-driving keywords. Our goal is to track the leads back to the original keywords someone searched to find your business. With these keywords firmly in your grasp, you can use the same amount of traffic to get more conversions.

There are four things you need to be ranking for if you want to track high-conversion keywords:

  • your brand name
  • your target area
  • buyer keywords
  • long-tail keywords.

Although these keywords may not have a big search volume, they identify users who are more likely to convert into customers.

Let’s break this down: users who type your brand name in the search are already familiar with your products and services. Also, when someone searches for a service in their local area, it’s logical to assume that they are looking for the nearest service provider. Put simply – these users already want to make a purchase. It’s our job to bring them directly to you.

This type of users is also known as ‘’hot leads’’. On the opposite side of the spectrum are the so called ‘’cold leads’’ – they don’t really want to buy anything, but they are still looking for information.

Use the right channels to reach out to ‘’hot leads’’

Lead tracking can help you identify websites, platforms or social media that drive more traffic to your site than others. Why is this relevant? Well, this piece of information shows you the type of audience that is interested in your products or services, that is – who reads and shares your content. Also, it pinpoints the sites and social media they frequently use.

Once we have this information, we can direct our efforts to get your content in front of the people who are actually interested in it. And once it’s there, you’ll see not only more traffic, but more leads.

Deliver supply where there is demand

Just imagine this – you’re investing a lot of time and money marketing your services in a particular area, but see very few leads. What if interest in your services actually exists someplace else? It will be only logical to extend your services to that specific area.

This is exactly what lead tracking can show you. All you have to do is to adapt your marketing strategy to meet the actual demand.

Give the ‘’cold leads’’ something to talk about and share

If users tend to click more often to a specific type of content on your site, that’s what they are most interested in. What’s more, it’s also what they will share more often. By getting more social shares, your brand grows in popularity.

Measure the achievement of goals

When you set up your conversion goals, lead tracking is what will measure and report on the progress. All this helps your business stay accountable.