Call Tracking

With call tracking, you can keep track of your incoming calls. Ultimately, call tracking fills you in on the keywords and marketing campaigns that lead people to contact your business.

Put simply, call tracking can tell you:

  • WHO CALLED YOU (location, area, type of device…)
  • HOW THEY FOUND YOU (offline marketing, social media, direct search, referral…)

Stop Guessing – Find Out What’s Bringing Phone Leads!

When we set up call tracking for you, we have one goal in mind – to use the data and identify leads! Remember, there are different types of callers: some call only to inquire about a product, while others place an order immediately. By identifying leads, we can tell you exactly which campaigns are working for your and which aren’t.

What does the caller’s location tell you?

If you are getting a lot of calls from a city or area, it means the demand for your services exists in that particular area. If that’s an area you are already targeting, call tracking reports the obvious success of the campaign.

On the other hand, if calls come from an area where your services aren’t available, that’s exactly where your SEO efforts should be directed.

We rely on that type of information to fine-tune the marketing and appeal to a specific area and also check the effectiveness of our strategies.

Find out if your site is properly optimized for mobile

Call tracking helps you compare the number of call you receive from different devices. If you are receiving very few of no calls from a particular type of smart phone, it means your website isn’t properly optimized for it.

We can track both online and offline campaigns

We can easily set up call tracking for both your online and offline marketing campaigns. We make sure your NAP is consistent across online directories. It is essential that your tracking numbers are used in the same directory listings; otherwise it can hurt your SEO.

We can separate phone call leads from unrelated calls

Just think about it – if someone calls and asks detailed questions about your product or service, they are obviously interested in your services and are likely to make a purchase. This type of call is called a phone call lead.

Call tracking can accurately identify calls that convert into sales. We can set up advanced call tracking options and find out exactly which online and offline marketing campaigns are bringing you leads.