Local SEO

Why Local SEO is a Big Deal:

  • 70% of online searches use local search to find offline businesses.
  • Over 50% all of all mobile searches are used to find local businesses.
  • 20% of EVERY Google search is performed to search for local services or businesses.
  • Local searches primarily look for business addresses and locations.
  • Over 60% of consumers prefer ads that have local extensions.
  • Over 50% of all mobile searches result in same-day visit or call.
  • Approximately 18% of all local mobile searches result in the SAME-DAY PURCHASE, compared to only 7% of non-local searches.
  • Over 80% of smart phone users use their phone prior to and during shopping.
  • Over 80% of consumers rely on online reviews.
  • ROI of Local SEO beats any traditional lead source by 40% on average.
  • 70% of small and medium-sized businesses in US will have a responsive business website by the end of 2016.

Your competitors KNOW this and are optimizing their websites for local!

How We Do Local SEO

  1. Keyword Research

This is the key point of any SEO strategy. Many SEO companies will choose to optimize your website for 20-30 keywords at once. This might sound great, but at SEO 1 Click, we understand that as much as 70-75% of your business will come from just a few main keywords.

For instance, one keyword may be searched over 1,300 times per month, whereas another may be searched 120 times per month. Which one would we focus on? The one that will bring more leads for your business. We don’t boast ranking high for a bunch of keywords with low-search volume only to look cooler in our reports. It’s conversion-driving keywords that we want to pitch.

  1. Competitor Analysis

In a highly competitive industry, it is essential to analyze the websites that already rank at the top local search. We use an array of tools that enable us to discover your competitors’ strong and weak points. As a result, we can make a well-informed strategy that will help you corner the market.

  1. Local Search & Local Maps Optimization

Approximately 50% of mobile users say that a business address and map and/or driving directions are the key pieces of information on a business website. For full visibility of your business in your local area, we do schema markup and optimize for local keywords. We enhance your Google Maps listing and claim the missing ones, as well as standardize NAP data.

  1. Local Business Listing Citations

We single out reliable industry resources and citations and build citations on authority portals (e.g. Yelp, Angie’s List, Yellow pages, etc.).

  1. Localized Content Marketing

We create top-quality content and optimize it for target local keywords. We can boost your brand’s positive visibility and authority in your target area by creating multimedia rich, engaging blog posts, informative infographics and press releases.

  1. Link Building

We rely on white-hat SEO link building strategies to acquire only high-quality backlinks from high-authority websites in your industry. Our game play also involves a number of proven email outreach strategies.

  1. Mobile Responsive Web Design

By now everyone should know that optimizing for mobile is an absolute must. Over 60% of consumers say that they are unlikely to contact a business if their site isn’t optimized for mobile. Just remember that almost 20% of all mobile local searches result in the same-day purchase and you’ll clearly see what a mobile-friendly website can do for your sales.

  1. Social Media Profile Optimization

In order to take full control of your online brand image, you need to manage your social media profiles professionally. Currently, Facebook drives roughly 25% of all traffic to websites and the figure keeps increasing. Social shares on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as reviews on Houzz or Yelp, are excellent for ‘’spreading the word’’ about your products and services and interacting with customers.

Why We Are the #1 Los Angeles SEO Experts

We Can Increase Your Site’s Authority and Trustworthiness

For search engines to rank your website well, they need to trust it. In other words, they need to believe that what you have to offer is exactly what the users are searching for. By generating a number of high-quality backlinks and relevant brand mentions, SEO 1 Click can radically improve your online reputation, as seen by the search engines.

We Can Show You Why Local Search Engine Optimization Is Real Marketing

Google is mercilessly weeding out businesses that employ the co-called “SEO tricks.” A number of Google updates such as Penguin, Panda, Pigeon or the Google Mobile Friendly Update must have caught your ear already. No wonder, because they hit the entire SEO world hard when they were first launched, slashing the rankings of hundreds of websites. Just searching for ‘’Panda SEO Penalty’’ will show you that these updates are still roaring the internet.

SEO 1 Click doesn’t take chances with SEO hocus-pocus, especially when it comes to our clients’ businesses. We keep up with the changes and updates to the algorithm and employ only white-hat SEO strategies. As a result, your business receives only favorable press on relevant websites.

We Rank on Google’s Page 1 for Our Own Local Keywords

Would you consider hiring an SEO company that can’t even rank its own website? We bet you found us by searching for SEO in Los Angeles on Google or other search engines. We allocate our resources wisely into marketing our website to rank on the front page and this is exactly what we can do for your business.

Contact Us Today

We won’t try to strong-arm you into shady plans or far-fetched strategies. Contact us today and we will show you what we can do for your business.

Organic SEO

Why Organic SEO Is A Big Deal:

  • Search engines are the #1 traffic-pusher in comparison to any other online source.
  • 70-80% of people ignore paid ads and focus on organic search results.
  • The average click-through rate for paid search is only 2%.
  • Search & email are the two biggest activities online.
  • SEO leads have a 14.6% closing rate, while traditional marketing efforts have less than 2%.

How Does Organic SEO Work?

Although Organic SEO it is similar to Local SEO, there are a few key differences. Internet-only businesses can benefit more with organic than local optimization, which is more oriented towards brick-and-mortar businesses. At the core of organic SEO campaigns lie backlinks.

The internet is built on links. If there were no links, we wouldn’t be able to share photos or check the latest changes in stock prices. All our activity on the internet is powered by links and that’s unlikely to change in the near future.

A backlink, commonly known as a “one-way link”, is a website that’s referencing your website through a clickable text, image, or video. This activity creates a vote for your website from the referring website. As long as the referring websites are considered reliable by search engines, you will see a boost in your website’s ranking for your chosen keywords. Backlinks are a great way of telling how popular and trustworthy a website is. The greater the virtual popularity, the higher the rankings.

A website or domain generally gets the most significant boost in popularity from relevant backlinks – referrals from websites in their niche or industry. However, backlinks from highly popular and trustworthy referring websites still counts, even if they not in the same niche or industry.

As Google algorithms grow more sophisticated over time, they are getting better at distinguishing links that point to your website naturally from those that don’t. So, a well-devised SEO strategy will aim to acquire high-converting relevant backlinks.

 How We Do Organic SEO

Two words – link building.

Link Building for Organic SEO

There are three major factors that are currently influencing organic search results and, therefore, the way Organic SEO is done – content, links and RankBrain. Link building strategies constantly evolve and we keep track of fresh solutions, adding them to our arsenal while expanding on the tried-and-tested ones.

Luckily for us, search engines are becoming smarter by the day and they cannot be so easily fooled with black-hat strategies. They prefer human-produced content instead, while they relentlessly weed out spammy, auto-generated content. We employ and develop only white-hat link building strategies – we don’t take chances on either your or our business.

Content Strategy

A great link building strategy is nothing without a solid content strategy. Internet users are pickier and less patient than ever. They don’t want their time wasted on self-promoting advertising. Instead, they search for data-driven, practical content. It doesn’t surprise that CMI’s 2016 report said that content marketers marked ‘’engaging content creation’’ as their top priority for 2016.

Why BLOG is a Big Deal for Organic SEO

  • 45% of content marketers say that blogging is their single most important content strategy.
  • 69% of marketers have already increased the use of blog in 2016.
  • Businesses that have a blog are 13 times more likely to generate positive ROI.
  • Active blogs bring 97% more leads to a business.

An active blog serves a number of content marketing purposes – it can entertain, engage, educate and inform the users. Users tend to share and link to blog posts that are over 1,000 long rather that shorter ones. Google responds accordingly by favoring in-depth, quality content. As far as SEO is concerned, cheap outsourcing is the thing of the past.

Email Outreach

Email outreach is at the heart of white-hat link building. A successful email outreach campaign enables you to reach out to influencers in your niche or industry and put your great content out there. The goal is to acquire relevant backlinks from authority sites by offering value in terms of quality content.

Guest Posting

You might have heard a lot of negative comments about guest posting. Still, if done right, guest posting can turn out to be a fantastic link building strategy. The thing is that most marketers don’t bother finding quality sites relevant to their clients’ businesses but guest post pretty much anywhere they can, which in turn backfires. We focus only on quality and not quantity, which is why we invest time and effort to find these golden guest posting opportunities.