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We Cut to the Chase

At SEO 1 Click, we really enjoy what we do for a living. We focus on bringing you leads AKA making you money. This is the approach we adopt for each and every client. We don’t waste your time with traffic reports or shady keyword reports that may or may not give you any useful information.

We Focus on LEADS

Our reports include the number of people who called you, the internet source they called from and the keywords they searched and found you. Bringing leads is our bottom line, and by focusing on it from the start we are able to make your investment pay off.

We Don’t Cut Corners

In case you are uninitiated to SEO, and even if you already know what it is about, we will explain how it all works and keep you updated regularly via easy-to-understand reports. We want to keep you in the loop so you can fully appreciate the progress we are making. Scroll down for more information on our SEO, pay-per-click-advertising, analytics and web design services.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO

Over the years, search engine optimization has either been thought of as a “trick” or has been commonly referred to as “smoke and mirrors “, and our personal favorite – “voodoo magic”.

In reality, it’s far from any of those things, but it nevertheless developed a bad reputation owing to the outburst of sham SEO services in the late 2000’s.

In fact, actually doing SEO has changed very little. Except the fact that Google has fine-tuned their methods of rooting out bad SEO practices and penalizing hundreds of sites. Let’s just say that hocus-pocus didn’t really work well for those guys.

How We Do SEO

The first step in making the search engines happy (and you want them happy) is making sure the technical features of a website are up to standards with the site’s user and visitor preferences.

These favorable features include:

  • A healthy dose of relevant text which cuts through the word-count pumping and clearly indicates what your website is about
  • Properly marked images and the inclusion of other multimedia, like videos
  • Easy navigation for your site’s visitors – they want to get around easier, so the pages need to be adequately cross-linked
  • Straightforward and neat URLs & page titles

The second step is known as off-page marketing and this is the core of an SEO agency’s work. In order for search engines to assess your website properly, an SEO agency would want to check who is talking about you! And this is why we’re ahead of the curve – our game plan involves top-notch link building strategies and sending only high-quality backlinks to your site!

With Organic SEO, we don’t cut corners simply to make us look better in the reports. Instead, we aim at getting links to point to your website naturally so your rankings can (naturally) skyrocket as a result. With Local SEO, we set our course to the top of local searches in your industry so your brand can gain not only rankings, but also popularity and positive visibility in your local area.

As an SEO agency at the top of our game, we aim to build up a network of backlinks for your business and to enhance your site’s authority. Along with the combination of social media outreach strategies, this will help you land a first page ranking on Google and other search engines and corner the market like a well-established pro.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay per click or PPC, as it is commonly referred to, is pretty straightforward – you don’t have to pay unless someone clicks on an ad! Almost immediately after Google launched this type of advertising, it revolutionized the world of marketing for good and to this day accounts for a mind-blowing 94% of their profit.

How We Do Pay-Per-Click

The great majority of PPC companies uses automated software or outsourced foreign labor to manage their pay-per-click campaigns. We think that both are fundamentally wrong. Do you honestly believe a machine or a foreign contractor understand how your customers perform their search and what keywords they are likely to identify with in your ads?

We adopt a completely manual approach beginning at the setup of the AdWords account to keyword research. We write the actual ad copy and bid all keywords ourselves. For every site owner who is serious about maximizing their pay per click marketing, we say that this is the way to go.

On Demand Advertising

The true appeal of PPC is its flexibility. Your ad isn’t converting into sales? Not a problem – we will remove it and rewrite it at the word go. A keyword is too pricey? We choose a different one to advertise with. This kind of flexibility doesn’t exist in other advertising mediums and that’s what makes PPC an alluring profit-making choice for businesses.

Conversion over Clicks

If your PPC company is sending you generic reports with clicks and keywords, you should ask them for the conversion report instead. Clicks can easily mean anything and come from pretty much anywhere. We want to show you what’s actually converting!


Unlike many internet marketers, we keep our eyes on the ball instead of obsessing about stats like traffic or bounce rate. We track the number of times your phone rang and go an extra mile to track the source down to the original keyword. The data compiled by Google Analytics also serves to keep our work, and your business, accountable.

How We Do Analytics

For an in-depth overview of our Lead Tracking process, click here.

Web Design and Development

We do website design with your ROI clear in sight. Propelled by our SEO know-how, we deliver an innovative web design and make your site responsive and mobile-friendly. As a result, your website will not only provide visitors with an enjoyable user experience, but also go a long way SEO-wise.

How We Do Web Design and Development

For an in-depth overview of our Web Design and Development process, click here.